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2 Alex Blumberg Recommended Books

Alex Blumberg is a podcast host, producer, and entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Gimlet Media, a podcast network that produces original narrative podcasts. Previously, he was a producer for NPR's This American Life and Planet Money. He has won a Peabody Award, a duPont-Columbia Award, and a National Magazine Award.

2 Books recommended by Alex Blumberg

On the Run

On the Run

Fugitive Life in an American City

Author :Alice Goffman

Alex Blumberg- Alex Blumberg

"Just unbelievably fantastic." - Alex Blumberg [Source]



Author :John Hersey

Alex Blumberg- Alex Blumberg

"I had always been interested in this kind of [...] long form narrative nonfiction." - Alex Blumberg [Source]


Q1: What types of books does Alex Blumberg recommend?

Alex Blumberg’s book recommendations are primarily focused on business and teamwork related topics. He also recommends audio books and books on storytelling.

Alex Blumberg has recommended many books on his blog and podcast. The exact number is not specified, however it is enough to create an impressive reading list.

Alex Blumberg’s book recommendations can be found on his website, blog and podcast.

Alex Blumberg’s favorite book is “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield. He also highly recommends “The Lean Start Up” by Eric Ries and “Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard” by Chip and Dan Heath.