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Andrew Yang is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate. He is the founder of Venture for America, a nonprofit that creates jobs in struggling American cities. Yang advocates for what he calls "human-centered capitalism" and is a vocal supporter of Universal Basic Income. His campaign focuses on issues such as job automation, healthcare, student debt, and climate change.

1 Books recommended by Andrew Yang

Healing Politics

Healing Politics

A Doctor’s Journey into the Heart of Our Political Epidemic

Author :Abdul El-Sayed

Andrew Yang- Andrew Yang

"[The author's] take on our health care system is sadly more relevant than ever." - Andrew Yang [Source]


Q1: What books does Andrew Yang recommend?

Andrew Yang recommends books including “Endless Frontier” by Max Boot, “The Millionaire Next Door” by Thomas J. Stanley, and “The New Urban Crisis” by Richard Florida.


Yes, Andrew Yang is an avid reader who often discusses book recommendations to his readers.

Andrew Yang also discusses topics ranging from business and economics to technology and entertainment.

Andrew Yang recommends books from various genres including business, economics, sociology, politics, history, and science.