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Ben Sasse is an American politician serving as the junior United States Senator from Nebraska since 2015. He was a professor of mid-19th century U. S. history at the University of Texas. He previously served as president of Midland University in Nebraska from 2009 to 2014. Sasse is a member of the Republican Party and has been described as a "conservative reformer".

1 Books recommended by Ben Sasse

How to Be Unlucky

How to Be Unlucky

Reflections on the Pursuit of Virtue

Author :Joshua Gibbs

Ben Sasse- Ben Sasse

"If you're a parent of school-aged kids, this unusual book about education is well worth a read." - Ben Sasse [Source]


Q1: What books does Ben Sasse typically recommend?

Ben Sasse is known to recommend books that tackle important topics including American history, ethics, and the power of critical thinking. His recommendations range from fiction and non-fiction and he often speaks about the value of reading a variety of books.

Ben Sasse generally recommends books that can open eyes to the beauty of America, our history, and the power of critical thinking. His list of books typically spans many different genres such as history, biographies, classics, and even recent bestsellers.

Yes, Ben Sasse frequently shares the books he recommends via his Twitter account, as well as his podcast. He also routinely participates in book launches and roundtable discussions with authors.

Some of Ben Sasse's recent book recommendations include "The Corruption of the American Dream" by Sebastian Baumgarten, "In Search of Lost Books" by Mark A. Siegel, and "American Restoration" by Henry Olsen.