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Dick Costolo is a tech executive and investor. He was the former CEO of Twitter, and also served as COO of FeedBurner and CEO of both Meebo and Fitbit. Costolo is known for his focus on user experience, as well as his commitment to creating a culture of excellence. He has invested in dozens of startups, and is a popular keynote speaker at tech conferences.

2 Books recommended by Dick Costolo

Straw Dogs

Straw Dogs

Author :John Gray

Dick Costolo- Dick Costolo

"Fantastic." - Dick Costolo [Source]

Tough Love

Tough Love

My Story of the Things Worth Fighting For

Author :Susan Rice

Dick Costolo- Dick Costolo

"It's excellent (and I'm not a big memoir person with a couple notable exceptions)." - Dick Costolo [Source]


Q1: What kind of books does Dick Costolo recommend?

Dick Costolo recommends books that are focused on growth and personal development. This includes books about leadership, business, investing, self-help, and more.

Dick Costolo recommends books on a regular basis in order to keep his audience up-to-date with the latest books and publications in the fields of growth and personal development.

Yes, you can access the books recommended by Dick Costolo on this blog/page. The books are listed along with their author and publication details and a brief description of the book.

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