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Elad Gil is a technology executive and investor who has held leadership roles at Google, Twitter, Airbnb, and Color Genomics. He is an expert in mobile, marketplaces, and data-driven product development. Elad has invested in and advised a broad range of technology companies including Coinbase, Stripe, Instacart, and Square. He is also the author of the book "High Growth Handbook".

2 Books recommended by Elad Gil

I Love Capitalism!

I Love Capitalism!

An American Story

Author :Ken Langone

Elad Gil- Elad Gil

"Enjoyable read from the cofounder of Home Depot." - Elad Gil [Source]

Secrets of Sand Hill Road

Secrets of Sand Hill Road

Venture Capital and How to Get It

Author :Scott Kupor

Elad Gil- Elad Gil

"[This book] is great." - Elad Gil [Source]


Q1: What is Elad Gil's stance on books?

Elad Gil is a venture capitalist and advisor who regularly recommends books on topics such as entrepreneurship, leadership, venture capital, and technology to entrepreneurs and organizations. He believes books are a powerful tool for learning and skills development.

Elad Gil tends to recommend books from a wide range of disciplines, ranging from entrepreneurship, venture capital, leadership, and technology. He often highlights books that are practical and applicable to the reader's own work.

Elad Gil regularly recommends books such as Zero to One by Peter Thiel, Hooked by Nir Eyal, Machine Learning for Dummies by John Paul Mueller, and Lean Startup by Eric Ries.

Elad Gil makes book recommendations regularly. He often highlights new books on his blog and shares book recommendations through his social media channels.

Elad Gil's book recommendations can be found on his blog and social media channels. He also has a dedicated page with recommended books that he updates regularly.