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Geoff Ralston is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and executive. He is the founder of Imagine K12, a venture accelerator that focuses on education technology investments. He is also the former President of Yahoo! Mail & Messenger, and a board member at several tech and education startups. He is a mentor to thousands of entrepreneurs and has invested in over 40 startups.

1 Books recommended by Geoff Ralston

A Manual for Creating Atheists

A Manual for Creating Atheists

Author :Peter Boghossian

Geoff Ralston- Geoff Ralston

"Thoughtful clarity for late night discussions." - Geoff Ralston [Source]


Q1: What is the focus of the blog/page title “Books Recommended by Geoff Ralston”?

This blog/page focuses on recommending books from successful investors, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs, as recommended by Silicon Valley investor Geoff Ralston.

Geoff Ralston recommends diverse books, from self-help and business to philosophy and technology.

New book recommendations are added to the blog/page as soon as Geoff Ralston finds them.


Yes, Geoff Ralston often conducts interviews with the authors of the books to gain deeper insight into their contents and why they recommend them.