Ken Block

2 Ken Block Recommended Books

Ken Block is a professional rally driver, co-founder of DC Shoes, and stunt driver for movies and commercials. He is known for his Gymkhana series of videos and for competing in the World Rally Championship. Block is also the founder of Hoonigan Industries, an apparel and motorsports brand that focuses on the automotive lifestyle. In 2020, Block was inducted into the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America.


Q1: What types of books does Ken Block recommend?

Ken Block recommends books of many genres, from memoirs and history to fiction and fantasy. He often shares his reading list on social media, so you can get a better sense of his preferences.

Ken Block recommends books that employ varied writing techniques, often emphasizing dialogue and characterization. He also favors books that dive into the deeper aspects of human nature and behavior.

Yes, Ken Block recommends books from many different eras, including older works as well as contemporary bestsellers. He believes that books remain relevant long after their publication and so advocates reading from across the literary spectrum.

Ken Block follows a process of careful selection, often curating a selection of books based on their emotional resonance, plot development, and how they make him think and feel. He also takes into consideration books that he knows are important to his readers and so may focus on works that are relevant to his audience and that will provide them with intellectual entertainment.