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Linus Torvalds is a Finnish-American software engineer, notable for creating the Linux kernel. He subsequently founded the Linux kernel development project and became the project's lead developer. He is also the principal developer of the version control system Git. Torvalds is credited with popularising the open source development model and advocating for open source software. He is also a founding member of the Open Source Initiative.

1 Books recommended by Linus Torvalds

The C Programming Language

The C Programming Language

Author :Brian W. Kernighan

Linus Torvalds- Linus Torvalds

"It was small, clear, concise, but you need to already have a programming background to appreciate it." - Linus Torvalds [Source]


Q1: What books have been recommended by Linus Torvalds?

Linus Torvalds has recommended a range of books, including Code Complete by Steve McConnell, Peopleware by Tom DeMarco, Writing Solid Code by Steve Maguire, Mythical Man-Month by Fred Brooks and Beautiful Code by Andy Oram & Greg Wilson.

Linus suggests a range of books, including textbooks related to programming, algorithms and operating systems as well as books related to software engineering, such as coding practice, development processes and project management.

Linus provides guidance on planning and coding techniques and offers advice on improving code quality. He often recommends writing code in small chunks to test it as you go, instead of writing long pieces of code without testing in between.

Linus advocates unsubscribing from unimportant email lists, spending more time on coding and less on meetings/conversations, and avoiding large teams of people working on the same code. He also recommends breaking up large projects into separate smaller tasks, making them more manageable.