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Pavel Durov is a Russian entrepreneur and the founder of social networking sites VK and Telegram. After his brother Nikolai founded VK, Pavel took over as CEO in 2006 and transformed it into one of the most popular social networks in Russia. In 2013, he created Telegram, which has become an increasingly popular messaging app with more than 500 million users worldwide.

2 Books recommended by Pavel Durov

The Black Swan

The Black Swan

Incerto, Book 2

Author :Nassim Taleb

Pavel Durov- Pavel Durov

"I would recommend reading [this book]." - Pavel Durov [Source]



The Psychology of Optimal Experience

Author :Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Pavel Durov- Pavel Durov

Pavel Durov recommended this book in an interview. [Source]


Q1: Who is Pavel Durov?

Pavel Durov is the founder and CEO of the popular messaging service, Telegram. He was formerly the founder of the Russian social media website, VKontakte.

Pavel Durov typically recommends books related to technology, cybersecurity, and programming.

No, they are not free. Most of the books recommended by Pavel Durov are available for purchase through various online book retailers.

Aside from recommending books, Pavel Durov is also an active investor in both tech startups and cryptocurrency. He is also a regular speaker at various tech conferences.