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Randall Carlson is a master builder and architectural designer. He has been designing and constructing buildings since the 1970s, specializing in sustainable and natural building techniques. With a passion for understanding the Earth’s past, Randall uses his knowledge of geology, astronomy, and anthropology to inform his designs and structures. Through his work, Randall has inspired people to build in harmony with nature, and to embrace sustainable living.

2 Books recommended by Randall Carlson

Last Rambles Amongst the Indians of the Rocky Mountains and the Andes

Last Rambles Amongst the Indians of the Rocky Mountains and the Andes

Author :George Catlin

Randall Carlson- Randall Carlson

"Very interesting book." - Randall Carlson [Source]

Fingerprints of the Gods

Fingerprints of the Gods

Author :Graham Hancock

Randall Carlson- Randall Carlson

"Devotes several chapters to the story of 20th century heretic J Harlen Bretz." - Randall Carlson [Source]


Q1: What kinds of books does Randall Carlson recommend?

Randall Carlson recommends many books from a vast range of disciplines and fields. These include history, anthropology, geology, science, spirituality, and more. He also recommends books on meaningful living and alternative lifestyles.

Randall Carlson is a master builder, architectural designer, sculptor, teacher, geometrician, and geological explorer. He is an independent researcher and an exponent of Earth science being a technically-trained geologist and geo-archaeologist.

Randall Carlson delves into many topics, including human-environment relationships, ancient advanced civilizations, esoteric and metaphysical sciences, precession of equinoxes, sacred geometry, collective unconscious, archaeology, mythology, astronomy, and more.

Yes, Randall Carlson has written several books including Foundations of a New Vision: Exploring the Mysteries of Ancient Civilizations, Sacred Geometry, Ancient Symbology and the Re-Emergence of an Integral Worldview and The Geologist Strikes Back.