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Samy Kamkar is an American computer security researcher, entrepreneur and hacker. He is best known for being the youngest person to be prosecuted in the U. S. for computer crimes at the age of 18. He is also known for his invention of Evercookie, a cross-browser persistent tracking mechanism, and the MagSpoof, a wireless magnetic stripe spoofer.

1 Books recommended by Samy Kamkar



The Psychology of Persuasion

Author :Robert Cialdini

Samy Kamkar- Samy Kamkar

"I love it because it was a very systematic and analytical approach to the most common ways that human being have been known to be influenced and persuaded to do something." - Samy Kamkar [Source]


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Samy Kamkar recommends books that teach topics and skills in computer science, technology, cybersecurity, and privacy.

Samy Kamkar's book recommendations are special because they are tailored to the audience. He takes into account the person's passions and interests and recommends books which they will find valuable and engaging.

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Yes, Samy Kamkar also recommends books on entrepreneurship, investing, and personal development.