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Stanley McChrystal is a retired four-star general and former commander of U. S. forces in Afghanistan. He is a highly decorated military leader, having been awarded the Defense Distinguished Service Medal five times for his service in Iraq and Afghanistan. McChrystal also served as the commander of Joint Special Operations Command from 2003 to 2008.

1 Books recommended by Stanley McChrystal

Once an Eagle

Once an Eagle

Author :Anton Myrer

Stanley McChrystal- Stanley McChrystal

"I have probably given the most copies of [this book]." - Stanley McChrystal [Source]


Q1: What is the motivation behind Stanley McChrystal's book recommendations?

Stanley McChrystal strongly believes that readers should be open to diverse perspectives and gathering information from a variety of sources. His book recommendations allow readers to hear a different opinion while staying informed on important issues.

A majority of Stanley McChrystal's book recommendations explore topics such as leadership, military history, and global politics. He also recommends books from various genres including fiction, nonfiction, classics, and literature.


Stanley McChrystal avoids recommending books that promote hate, those that reflect prejudice, and those that contain false information. He also tries to stay away from books that actively attempt to spread non-factual conspiracy theories.

Yes, Stanley McChrystal routinely updates his book recommendations. He typically adds new books every few months, as well as occasionally makes changes to existing recommendations.