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Tucker Carlson is an award-winning American journalist, political commentator, and author. He currently hosts Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News and previously served as co-host of the Fox News political debate show, Fox & Friends. Prior to Fox News, Carlson worked as a political analyst for CNN and MSNBC. Carlson has written several books, ranging from political topics to the history of America.

1 Books recommended by Tucker Carlson

Simon the Sea Cat

Simon the Sea Cat

Author :Marcus Sterne

Tucker Carlson- Tucker Carlson

"Best Christmas book of the year [2018]." - Tucker Carlson [Source]


Q1: What books has Tucker Carlson recommended?

Tucker Carlson has recommended several books, including The Closing of the American Mind by Allan Bloom, Don't Blame Me by Gov. Mike Huckabee, The Price of Civilization by Jeffery Sachs, and America Alone by Mark Steyn.


The topics covered by the books Tucker Carlson has recommended include politics and government, culture and society, and economics.

Yes, Tucker Carlson often provides additional commentary or reviews of the books he recommends when discussing them on his show or website.